Saturday, September 29, 2012


As I mentioned, I'm not a big DC reader. As a kid, I never even drew DC heroes. Actually, I drew my own characters mostly, but if I did draw known comic characters, it was always Marvel stuff.

This may have actually been my first real attempt to draw Wonder Woman-- as least as far as I can remember.

But when she's been rendered by the likes of George Perez and Adam Hughes, you know that your version is going to look like a steaming pile in comparison, even if it's the best piece you've ever drawn! (Which I can't say that this is.)

But, none the less, you have to try to be as fearless as possible. In the end, I felt the piece was "okay", but I've actually received several positive and supportive comments on it over on the Deviant Art page, so maybe it's not as bad in reality as it is in my own mind. Either way, I tried to do my version of the Amazonian Princess, for better or worse.

This piece is 9" x 12", inked with PITT pens and colored with Prisma markers. 

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