Friday, December 21, 2012


I promise to try and update my art blog as soon as possible! I've been running ragged with endless work lately, and I'm more committed to my toy blog at the moment, so sadly, this blog is running in last place in terms of my daily tasks.

But, I will be promoting my new project as much as I can here! For now I'll just post some character designs that I drew for it. Hopefully it will be enough of a tease to get you to come back for more info on "Hell Cometh Home"!


Conrad and Samantha

Ms. Mary Harbringer

" Schoepke"


Death v1

Death v2


King of the Shades

Reverend Dorian

Danny Merrill

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I don't quite remember how old I was when I first saw this movie on cable, but I was old enough to very, very interested in the unparalleled beauty of Jane Fonda in this cult-classic sci-fi flick.

Not only was it a strange and kitschy tale with some classic 60's outfits and visuals, but it was also based on a European graphic novel by writer/artist Jean-Claude Forest.

A lot of people would love to see a remake of this film, but I don't think I'm one of them. Fonda is just a beauty like none other and her portrayal of this character has all the right components of of exactly what this era was about. I don't think it works in today's climate-- but maybe I'm wrong.

If it does get revisited, it's going to take a director of amazing visions and the perfect actress to make it fresh while still retaining some of the spark and that almost accidental brilliance of the original.

As for the piece itself, I drew this entirely for myself and my fascination with Fonda as Barbarella. It's also a slight departure from my normal style in the sense that I went with more of a caricature than I normally do.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


As I mentioned, I'm not a big DC reader. As a kid, I never even drew DC heroes. Actually, I drew my own characters mostly, but if I did draw known comic characters, it was always Marvel stuff.

This may have actually been my first real attempt to draw Wonder Woman-- as least as far as I can remember.

But when she's been rendered by the likes of George Perez and Adam Hughes, you know that your version is going to look like a steaming pile in comparison, even if it's the best piece you've ever drawn! (Which I can't say that this is.)

But, none the less, you have to try to be as fearless as possible. In the end, I felt the piece was "okay", but I've actually received several positive and supportive comments on it over on the Deviant Art page, so maybe it's not as bad in reality as it is in my own mind. Either way, I tried to do my version of the Amazonian Princess, for better or worse.

This piece is 9" x 12", inked with PITT pens and colored with Prisma markers. 


A long-time reader of Avengelyne contacted me a while back looking for me to recreate an old cover that Rob Liefeld drew.

I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to draw such a unique request!

The commission was for a B&W piece, but I ended up coloring it in Photoshop just for a little of my own fun.

I didn't want to re-interpret the original piece too much, I just wanted to draw my version of it in my style.

I tried to improve upon the original as much as I could. I'll let you be the judge on whether I did or not. :-)

Original Liefeld version vs. my version.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm not much of DC guy these days. I read them here and there as a kid, but most of my enjoyment of DC characters as an adult come from the various animated efforts from Warner Brothers.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this re-boot and the new costumes (mostly designed by Jim Lee), but when someone wants a 52 Batgirl, you do what you can to give it to them.

My version turned out to look a little more "armored" looking than some of the other renditions I've seen, but I guess that's okay. Going from Jim's original design, she was a little less streamlined than she's become in the current comics-- and Jim's original sketch was what I was mostly working from.

I forgot to color her eyebrows in the original so I had to to that after the fact in Photoshop.

This piece is 9" x 12", inked with PITT pens and colored with Prisma markers.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey All! Thanks for coming to my blog!

My name is John Stinsman and, as you can see, I draw things. 

For the most part, my career has been in and out of comics-- or just drawing things comic related. 

My very first gig was in 1993 drawing a few issues of Vampirella for Harris Comics. From there, in 1994, I moved from NJ to CA where I landed a gig at Image Comics working at Extreme Studios. There I draw several issues of Team Youngblood and Bloodstrike before getting the book that I'd become the most well-known for: Avengelyne.

Years later, I created my own comic that I wrote and illustrated called Scarlet Crush. From there I did about a 2-3 run on Lady Pendragon, again for Image Comics.

In about 2008 I worked on a small independent series called Stormbringers

Currently, I am not working in comics, but I do produce a great deal of commissions of comic book related characters, a lot of which you will see here.