Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey All! Thanks for coming to my blog!

My name is John Stinsman and, as you can see, I draw things. 

For the most part, my career has been in and out of comics-- or just drawing things comic related. 

My very first gig was in 1993 drawing a few issues of Vampirella for Harris Comics. From there, in 1994, I moved from NJ to CA where I landed a gig at Image Comics working at Extreme Studios. There I draw several issues of Team Youngblood and Bloodstrike before getting the book that I'd become the most well-known for: Avengelyne.

Years later, I created my own comic that I wrote and illustrated called Scarlet Crush. From there I did about a 2-3 run on Lady Pendragon, again for Image Comics.

In about 2008 I worked on a small independent series called Stormbringers

Currently, I am not working in comics, but I do produce a great deal of commissions of comic book related characters, a lot of which you will see here.